Choosing An Agent

Who Shall I hire to sell my home?

It is very important to do some research to decide who to choose as the Realtor to sell your home. Your home is your most valuable asset, and you should be confident you have chosen the right person to represent you in the sale of your home. It is recommended that you interview 2 to 3 Real Estate Agents for the job. You should have a list of questions prepared to ask the agents.

Criteria to consider in choosing your agent

  • Is the company they work for a market leader with strong representation in your area?
  • Do they belong to a National/International brand?
  • What are the Agents years of experience and how successful have they been in your area?
  • What is the Agents reputation in terms of professionalism and Integrity?Do they have the knowledge of the market required to represent you well in your Market place?
  • Check out the Agents listing and sales and ask them for the Annual rate of sale on their listings versus the market average.
  • Ask them about their Marketing strategy for homes in your area.
  • Check if they have a good “on line” presence and if they have a strong presence in social media?
  • Meet and talk to them, and make sure their personality is in line with your expectations.
  • Find out what they do for community service is your local area, and about Charities they support.
  • Ask them about communication and how they keep you informed during the selling process.
  • Also keep in mind recommendations from friends and family. Often referrals are the best way to choose an agent, as the referred agent has already proven themselves by their actions and successes.

Two Mistakes Sellers make in choosing an agent!

  • Do not choose an agent based on the lowest commission rate you can find! Often those who offer the lowest rate have the least amount of experience, very few sales, and are trying to buy their way into the market. Is that who you want negotiating on your behalf and taking care of your most valuable asset?
  • Do not choose an agent just because they quote you the highest price on your market analysis! Often agents try to buy your listing by quoting you a high list price, and then a few weeks down the road ask for a price adjustment to position your home more in line with the market. You have then lost the most valuable sale time which is the first month your home was placed on the market. You may have turned off potential buyers by pricing your home too high.
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